How does it work?

The K-Rigg uses a handful of wood chips to create the desired level of smoke that is pushed into the food by the increased pressure in the cooking chamber. High heat for cooking is provided by a gas burner and the pressure is created by the food grade propane engine. Barbecue smoked in Minutes, Not Hours!

Is it safe?

If you have used a pressure cooker, you will be at home with the K-Rigg Pressure Smoker. The pressure used for cooking is around 7 psi and the K-Rigg has 3 pressure relief mechanisms to ensure the unit does not over pressurize. Caution should always be used in using the K-Rigg like any other Propane gas grill or Pressure Cooker as the unit is very HOT when operating. Like with any Grill, Be Careful! “Man warns others after pellet grill explodes”

What does it Taste Like?

We will leave it to the judges: “The chicken was excellent, with juicy, tender meat and crisp skin. I also enjoyed the simply seasoned baby back ribs. They both had the flavor of direct-heat barbecue….” - BBQ Snob Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly

Easy to Use?

1) Put wood chips inside chamber. 2) Put food inside chamber. 3) start burner. 4) start engine, close door. 5) cook food to desired internal Temperature. 6) shut down burner and engine, release pressure… enjoy your BBQ smoked in Minutes!

I like my food Smokey!

The Level of smoke in your food depends on how many wood chips you put in the chamber before cooking. One handful for light smoke, Three handfuls for heavy.